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E-mail account

At Canagon you have multiple choices how to handle your e-mail.

1. Buy G Suite from Google, we will connect it to your domain and set up necessary DNS records for free. Your e-mail would be accessible from mail.example.com and mobile devices.

2. Standard e-mail account hosted on our servers. Access your e-mail with POP3, IMAP or webmail webmail.example.com and mobile devices.

2. Keep your existing e-mail solution. If you host your e-mail somewhere else, or you already have existing e-mail services installed for your company infrastructure, we can leave them intact and host your web independently.

Boost your productivity

Work with your email and documents using modern cloud-based service from Google. Gmail, Google Drive, Photos and apps for documents, spreadsheets and presentations – all available on your domain. All the data is synchronized across your PC and mobile devices. Available also for Apple iOS and Android.

Learn more about G Suite
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