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G Suite

Email, data storage, alternative to office softwares like Word, Excel and Powerpoint, calendar, contact management and other services. All is available and synchronized among your devices, e.g. PC, tablet and mobile phone.

Work with your email and documents using modern cloud-based service from Google. Gmail, Google Drive, Photos and apps for documents, spreadsheets and presentations – all available on your domain.

All the data is synchronized across your PC and mobile devices. Available also for Apple iOS and Android.

Why we recommend G Suite

We connect and integrate websites and online stores with multiple tools and applications that require Google account. For example to track visitor statistics, use maps on your website, track success of online advertising, sales, and conversions. To use website and online store to its full potential and have it done in the most comfortable way we recommend using G Suite.

What is cloud and how to use it

Forget copying files to memory stick, data backups, waiting for email attachments to upload. With cloud you are working online on Google servers, all the data are already there, it is like virtual hard drive, which you don’t need to back up. Cloud can store your documents, photos, invoices, emails, videos, …

Cloud storage

30GB of storage is shared for all your data, including emails, documents, photos, backups. For a small fee, storage can be extended to 100 GB.

Your domain, your branding

Your email address will include your domain name. For example sales@yourcompany.com or name@yourcompany.com. It makes much more professional and trustworthy impression than using email ending @gmail.com or @yahoo.com.


Synchronization across devices

Access to all emails and data on all of your devices – PC, tablet, mobile phone. Edited contacts, new emails, photos, … will be automatically copied to all devices connected to your Google account, once the synchronization is set up.

Some editing is better done on a big screen of PC rather than on a mobile phone. Do your work on PC and within seconds it synchronized and available on the mobile phone in your pocket.

Multi platform support

G Suite can be used on any devices with Windows, Android, iOS or Linux. G Suite email account can be connected also to Outlook or accessed via any internet browser.

File sharing and versioning

File sharing is super easy. Just add email addresses of people who should have access to files or folders and choose what privileges they should have – view or edit.

Changes in documents are saved automatically. Version history allows you to go back in time and return to previous saved version of document.

Alternative email addresses

Each email account can use an unlimited amount of so-called aliases. Alias is an email address that you can create to receive emails, but you cannot send emails from it. For example, info@yourcompany.com is your basic email address, then you create an allias sales@yourcompany.com.

Both addresses will receive emails, but you can send new emails or reply to emails only from info@yourcompany.com.


Login page to your email will look like mail.yourcompany.com. You will use cloud services provided by industry leader Google. Your inbox will have a fast interface, emails will be safe and your account will be connected to many Google services like Drive, Calendar, Photos, Contacts and others.


Create multiple calendars, have them synchronized automatically across your devices, share them with other people, or even publicly on your website. Send event invites and set up reminders.


Manage contacts in one place and have them always up-to-date on all your devices. Even if you buy a new phone, you just connect and confirm your G Suite account on the phone and all of your contact will be automatically uploaded there. Forget the hassle of export, import, back-up, there is no need to do it manually.

Google Drive

It is something like online hard drive. You can store data there, create and edit documents, share them or attach to emails easily and comfortably. You can download data and documents any time and convert documents to most common file formats like PDF, Docx and others.

Office software online

Don’t spend money on licenses for office software. G Suite includes online tools for creating and editing documents similar to Word, spreadsheets similar to Excel and presentations similar to Powerpoint. All files are automatically saved, easy to share, download, attach to email or export to PDF or Microsoft formats.

Google Photos

Never lose your photos again due to broken hard drive or stolen phone! Upload photos from your phone to Google Photos automatically. Upload and sort your old albums. Photos are available anytime, anywhere. Backed-up automatically in Google Cloud.

Google Hangouts

Communicate with other people via chat or video call directly from your email inbox using Google Hangouts service.

How Canagon can help with G Suite integration

We can order and deploy G Suite on your behalf directly from Google, this way we can help your business with G Suite technical integration, setup MX, CNAME, DKIM, and SPF DNS records on your behalf, deploy new accounts and help you with account management, provide you with direct support.

Canagon.com is a service provided by Celko Ltd., we are Google Cloud Partner. To become Google Partner, our staff had to complete training and get certified as a G Suite Administrator.

Our company passed a Business credit check from Google, passed Due diligence evaluation, part of the evaluation process was also anti-bribery training.

Your data is safe, we never know your passwords, nor we have access to your e-mails, all the data is safely stored in Google Cloud, Google made the whole process very safe for customers and gave resellers tools to safely and securely manage clients within the Reseller Console. Every our login and action taken is logged in order to preserve transparency.



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