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Hosting features

Server locations in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. South America and South Africa on request.

Features and performance

  • Site secured with SSL certificate
  • High-performance settings out of the box
  • Big files upload support out of the box, you can upload files up to 100M without any special permissions
  • High-performance servers loaded with RAM
  • Ultrafast SSD drives
  • High-speed server connectivity
  • Extremely generous limits
  • DDoS protection on hardware and software layer
  • High-security standards on hosting environment
  • CDN setup supported
  • DNS setup included
  • DNSSEC if domain supports it
  • Daily checks on viruses and malware
  • Apache with Nginx proxy, HTTP2 support
  • PHP 7.2 FPM for best performance
  • Caching support out of the box

Hosting is a service that hosts code of your website and database on a server accessible 24/7. With Canagon, you do not have to order and pay for hosting separately and maintain yet another login credentials. We take pride in our hosting, our servers have super fast SSD drives, huge amounts of RAM reserved per client, top class high-speed overseas connectivity and data center peering with giants like Facebook, Google or Amazon, and biggest telecoms.

Free SSL certificate

We generate all the websites automatically with SSL certificate to secure communication between the server and your client.

This is absolutely necessary these days because a lot of secure data, private information and credit card transactions are exchanged over the internet. SSL certificate prevents eavesdropping if your customer connects to your website from an unsecured network.

SSL certificate will officially help you with SEO  according to Google blog.

We use LetsEncrypt to generate SSL certificates.

High-performance settings

WordPress, Woocommerce, Divi builder and other plugins, working with images and videos have high demand on server resources. It is important to be hosted on a server with a lot of RAM and great connectivity. 

Our hosting works differently, we monitor servers RAM, disk and CPU consumption, have a reserve for servers own consumption. When a server is full according to our formula, we buy a new one, we are not greedy. 

We constantly monitor server load and keep it about 50% – 70%, so we have always enough resources left to tackle traffic peaks. Our customers don’t have to wory about instant traffic surge from viral video or advertising campaign.

Standard hosting environments limit maximum upload sizes for no good reason, it is normal these days to upload big files like videos or plugins, our bottom limit is 100M so you do not have to worry. You can always ask for more.

DDos protection

In the datacenter, protection is executed in several hardware and software layers to minimize the impact on server hardware and availability of your website.

Hardware and software systems automatically recognize network packet types flowing to the server and block the bad packets. Datacenter uses Arbor and Juniper hardware and other software layers.

Each server individually uses several protection modules like fail2ban, Apache, Nginx modules and our secret sauce.


CDN setup

If you have clients from other continents, or if you are truly global business, you might want to setup CDN service so your static files will be served from “edge” servers near to your customers. CDN is short for a content delivery network.

Normally it is not needed to install CDN, our servers have great connectivity between Europe and USA and the world generally, it all depends on the type of content, amount of traffic, size of website and budget.

To setup CDN, we can help to install a subdomain cdn.*****.com on your website and alter WordPress configuration to serve all static content from this subdomain. Then we can help you to set up your account on services like KeyCDN and enable CDN service for your website. We recommend KeyCDN or some other service that can work with LetsEncrypt SSL certificates, it makes the process fast and lowers the initial cost of installation, they have reasonable prices for traffic. CDN setup is included in the price of the hosting, but you will be billed by CDN provider of your choice for their services and traffic.


HTTP2 is a new HTTP protocol, using which your website will be loaded much faster.

It is one of the biggest improvements from 1999 when HTTP1.1 was designed and is used until today.

  • Single TCP connection
    HTTP2 uses a single TCP connection to ensure effective network resource utilization, it stays open during whole website session.
  • Multiplexing
    Thanks to multiplexing multiple parallel requests can be made in the single connection. With HTTP/1.1 each transfer had to wait until the previous finished.
  • Server Push
    A server can push additional files to visitor’s cache for later use, it can speed up preloading.
  • Prioritization
    Requests on the server are given order based on dependencies. If one element is dependent on other, they will be loaded in the correct order.
  • HTTP2 is binary
    Requests are processed faster with fewer errors. Resources are not wasted on translating content to binary, resulting in less load on the server.
  • Header compression
    HTTP/2 uses HPACK compression. Before, many headers were sent with the same values, and without compression, headers wasted a lot of traffic and loaded slower.
DNS setup

We offer professional help with setting up DNS records. If you host your website and domain with us, our server administrator will set up correct records and test them for you.

We will help you also with third-party DNS record setup requests, so you do not have to worry about accidentally turning your site off. It is now common for many online services to utilize DNS records for verification purposes and ask their users to manually setup DNS records.

TXT records are used to set up SPF, DKIM or other site verifications, CNAME is used for similar purposes.

MX records are set for the correct functioning of your e-mail routing; you need to set them up with use of G Suite, any other mail service or for Amazon SES “mail from” domain.

Newsletter services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, Amazon SES will ask you to set up several of these to function properly and pass antispam tests.

Generous limits

In general, if you do not alter our default caching setup and you operate a standard website without extreme requirements on traffic or server load, we will handle even million monthly visitors to your website without any extra cost. In USA and Europe, 1000 GB traffic per website is reasonable, we do not charge for traffic overage in Europe.

In Australia, Oceania, and Asia, traffic is more expensive, costs go up. If you request a server in these locations, we may ask for extra fees over 1000 GB of data transferred, usually 25 USD per TB overage.

Do you have more than million visitors a month? No problem. We will provide you with a real dedicated server with enough CPUs and RAM to handle your traffic load. Managed server hosting by our admins can be as low as $500 USD/month including server costs, but it depends on location, traffic, and other specifics, please contact hello@canagon.com for more information.

There is nothing you can do with sudden unexpected peaks, it is a good thing, it means your business is rolling. If it happens from time to time and it is not on daily basis, our standard high-performance hosting should be enough and no extra charges apply, no need to pay extra for dedicated servers, we have got you covered and it is the whole point of our special setup.

If you have a big advertising campaign coming, expect traffic peak like airing on Shark Tank, live TV or Reddit, contact us before, we will make sure that you are ready and check your caching settings free of charge, for most occasions, this is not needed, we already have sufficient measures in place.

Remember that there is no such thing as UNLIMITED in this world.

Sendy hosting

If you use your own Sendy application for sending newsletters using Amazon SES, you can host it with your WordPress website and save money on hosting bills.

Sendy can be setup on subdomain sendy.yourdomain.name or yourdomain.name/sendy subdirectory. SSL certificate for the subdomain is always generated and cron job is set up for CSV import, autoresponders, and scheduler.

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